Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Sanah. 


That's Sanah, like the sun. I have nearly 10 years of PR experience working on a variety of clients in the tech space including:

AT&T when they were entering the fashion scene

Citi Bank during Occupy Wall Street

Shell Oil & Gas during the energy market recession

National Instruments as IoT and 5G became mainstream; and

Texas Medical Center as they refreshed their brand.

That's quite a bit but that certainly isn't it. I also have worked with smaller boutique agencies supporting local businesses in and around Houston to get national recognition with creative storytelling. Iโ€™ve worked with the best in the industry, learned a lot, but my goal was different: to make PR easy and accessible. It was only time that Creative Grammar came to fruition. 


Four Fun Facts About Me (because you should know who you are partnering with):

  1. You can always catch me with a good book! I am currently **dabbling** with the art of long-form writing working on my first novel.

  2. I've traveled to 18 countries and counting. It all started when I did Semester at Sea studying arts and marketing in the Mediterranean for a summer and fell in love with communicating with different cultures.

  3. I have no idea how to cook and my fire alarm goes off every time I attempt. It only makes sense why I love a good grilled cheese - it's easy, it's comfortable and it's always reliable.

  4. I have two sisters and, yes, I am the middle child. That means I know how to communicate up and down (with enough years of practice) and have always found ways to stand out.

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