Digital Marketing

We view social media and digital marketing the same we do science experiments: test and assess. When supplementing your business with social media, it’s only when we test our efforts can we fully understand how effective our strategy is. We live social lives and can be found tweeting, posting, Instagramming, pinning, checking-in, and sharing at all hours of the day, all over town, and it's time to add you to the online conversation.



If you’re struggling to see traction on your social channels or frustrated with the lack of engagement, Grilled Cheese PR is here to walk you through the exact steps to revive your efforts and consistently communicate with your audiences. 



Noticed a significant drop in your likes and comments? Don't panic or reach for your check book to start boosting posts (yet). It's the algorithms. Stay in the know of the ever-evolving algorithms that directly affect your engagement. 

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Creative social campaigns

Put an emphasis on storytelling with visuals including pictures, videos, and just about anything you share while building your reputation online.

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Integrated approach

Social media should supplement your efforts and integrate into the bigger picture by creating a digital footprint that starts a dialogue to drive online and offline traffic. 

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Facilitate real-time conversations 

...that are also genuine and authentic to manage your online community. Basically its like being friends and we know how to do that well.