PR shouldn't be complicated.


Think PR isn't for you or too expensive? We break those stereotypes. At Creative Grammar, we let you take a bite into PR to find a strategy you find comfort in.

We offer everything a full-service agency does from massive media campaigns to content creation. We can launch high-end products, coordinate contests, write newsletters and even throw fabulous events planned to the tee. We open new restaurants, bars, art galleries and we even master social media trends tweeting, blogging and managing your brand. 

The catch? We only focus on the pieces of the pie your business needs right then and there with opportunity to refine on a monthly basis as you grow.

You have communication goals in mind, and we have an easy  approach to achieve it. Just like that. No fuss.

We don't believe in project fees or outrageous monthly checks with our subscription based approach.

Sign up for easy monthly PR services with the option to scale up and scale down at any time, depending on your business needs. We know that ongoing retainers aren't right for every business, and that paying for a full-time agency doesn't always make sense. 

Your subscription is curated and personalized to meet your business goals. No one subscription is alike just like no one business is alike.

Simply put: our approach caters to entrepreneurs and small (but growing) businesses. 

We look forward to working with you and telling your creative story.

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Sanah Sadaruddin,
Founder + Local Business Lover