No. 3: Quick and easy social media ROI

In spirit of National Poetry Month, let’s break down this month via my creative penmanship:

Customers are here,

Customers are there,

Customers are online everywhere.

Clicking on Facebook,

Liking on Instagram,

Complaining on Twitter

Or searching on Pinterest.

Customers, lots of customers, are online everywhere.

Ok so my poetry game isn’t as strong as my social media game. But I think you get the point! No matter what your business is, one thing is certain: your customers are on social media. This month is all about actionable insights to leverage your online influence to further engage the customers you already have, reach more customers to grow your following (which is social media code for growing your business) and keep a steady pulse on your online momentum. Let’s dive in!

Pitch Bank:

Engage with the right local reporters, national media, bloggers and influencers with the following prompts that tells your business’ story! Pick your favorite pitch from the list below and use it to create a perfect pitch in just 10 minutes.

Pitch Bank (1).png