No. 1: Create the perfect pitch in ten minutes

It all started when...

You know that moment right before you know something big is about to happen? Prepare yourself. That time is NOW.

You’re about to become your own brand strategist and learn new ways, tips and tricks to communicate your story. With Creative Grammar, each month you will learn a new skill that integrates elements of PR, social media and marketing. It’s time to get busy and learn of new ways to build the business of your dreams starting with pitching media. YES! We are diving right in and I truly believe you can do this!

Your time to stand out and shine has come…and I can’t wait to see your hustle to make it happen.

Pitch Bank:

Engage with the right local reporters, national media, bloggers and influencers with the following prompts that tells your business’ story! Pick your favorite pitch from the list below and use it to create a perfect pitch in just 10 minutes.