The Monthly Guide

One of the things I hear the most from business owners is that they want to "do XYZ" PR-social media-marketing related but don't know how and can't afford to hire someone. I get it.

Creative Grammar's monthly subscription provides you a guide to promote your business and become your own brand strategist. Each month focuses on one piece of your strategy integrating elements of PR, marketing and social media to communicate more effectively, ignite new conversations and implement your big ideas.

Your monthly subscription of $30 includes...


Ok, so how does it work?


sign up for creative grammar

Get access to curated pitches that target your favorite media, a beautifully designed guide and hands on resources to implement an integrated strategy.


log in to access your subscription

On the first of the month,  you will get a fresh batch of Creative Grammar goodies. Log in to the portal to view and download your content.


create your own strategy Using "the TextBook"

Each month we focus on a different subject from beginner level to more advanced topics breaking down benefits, use, and value so anyone can understand.



The library is full of tips, tricks, templates and strategies to set you up for success. Practice with the hands on activities included in every plan, join the bonus webinars to have your questions answered and then implement it for yourself, confidently. 


Share your story

Customize the pitches to tell your story to  media, influencers or for your own blog. We include who would be interested in each idea so you can be featured in the outlet of your dreams.


sit back and watch your business grow 

With Creative Grammar, you lay a brick each month to build a strong foundation of communication strategies that you can trust to save you time and money, fill in your communication gaps, and relieve stress by knowing exactly how to implement your big ideas.


Follow the guide to make magic and build the business of your dreams.

(Test it for yourself - you can cancel anytime.)


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