Media Relations

AKA the heart of Public Relations. If you want to see changes, you must change your approach. You can’t do the same thing and expect different results. So this is us. Here. Making changes with the goal of creating new conversations, promoting engagement, and revamping your media relations strategy to grow your reach.



Creating buzz in your industry involves making relationships and staying relevant. We develop pitches around newsworthy topics, respond to timely local and national stories with expert commentary, coordinate tours and schedule lunches, happy hours - heck, even manicures - with reporters to ensure your story lands in the right media outlet.

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celebrate milestones

No matter the details, whatever you do should serve as a communications opportunity. We let journalists see (and hear) your success with press release creation and distribution to reach your audience - making it easy to find media opportunities perfect for you and your business.

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Creative storytelling

Small businesses often have the best stories to tell - but most often, it's those clients that sell themselves short and miss out on news opportunity.  

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evolve approach

Every day a new gizmo, platform, website, app, or social network is announced to supposedly help you better connect, work and interact with consumers - but how does it tell your story and which are the best ones to use to actually make money? That’s where we step in.


develop your toolbox

Start with the basics and create your company's press kit, fact sheet, editorial calendar, talking  points, award submissions and, yes, even your event calendar. The stronger your PR tools, the stronger your media relations approach.